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For weeks, months—nay!—from the very moment you were born, you’ve felt it calling to you. At long last you'll be united with the programming language you've been longing for: Clojure!

Clojure’s popularity continues to grow, with companies like Netflix using it to build everything from complex, distributed systems to simple microservices to user interfaces. In Clojure for the Brave and True, you'll learn to wield this awesome language to its fullest!

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Real People Like It For Real

Clojure for the Brave and True is the go-to book for learning to program in Clojure. The book distills passion, and it's funny, very well written and covers in great depth everything you need to start doing some serious programming. I think I've bought the book more than once!
— Alejandro Andres, Partner at
I am not the target audience for this book as I not a new Clojure developer, however it was so much fun to read that I read it anyways. :) If you're looking for a way to start Clojure with fun examples and engaging explanations, I heartily recommend that you check out Clojure for the Brave and True.
— Alex Miller, Clojure community czar

This is the book that every programming language needs. It is more than just a technical write up about features and style, it is a thoroughly pleasant and engaging read that sucked me into Clojure faster than an airplane toilet flush.

You could give this to a non programmer and they'd still finish it just for the pleasure of it.

The lessons are carefully thought out and unique. From learning asynchronicity to the lyrics of Lady Gaga, to learning about thread lock in the context of drunken dwarves, every chapter is fresh and (in all honesty) beautiful.

The technical content is also just fantastic. I had some previous lisp experience, but this book was my very first contact with Clojure and it took me from knowing nothing to being able to tackle the first 70 or so 4Clojure exercises like a pro.

— Artur Malabarba, CIDER (Clojure development tool for Emacs) maintainer
I am not especially brave, and I've been known to not tell the truth. Nonetheless, this is the book I always recommend to people who are already programmers in another language and want a fun, lighthearted, yet solid introduction to Clojure
— Bridget Hillyer, Clojure Developer and Co-Founder of ClojureBridge
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