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Easily Deploy Your Clojure Web Site

Do you want to put a Clojure web app in front of people's faces? Are you thwarted by the tedium involved in setting up and deploying to your own server? Deploying Your First Clojure App ...From the Shadows shows you how to use scripts to deploy your app to a real server using only a few commands!

I've written a bunch of Ansible scripts to make Clojure deployment as easy as possible, and this guide explains how to use them (and what Ansible is). Along the way, you'll learn a bit about DevOps and production Clojure. You might even learn a little about yourself?!?

Don't worry if you've never set up a web server in your life. I wrote this guide so that it'd be accessible even if you have no experience! I want everyone to be able to share their cool Clojure projects with the world!

(Disclaimer: This book does not cover how to actually build a Clojure web site! Check out Luminus for that.)

A Brave Clojure Quest

Clojure for the Brave and True was a blast to write, and there's so much more Clojure goodness to write about. That's where Brave Clojure Quests come in.

Deploying Your First Clojure App ...From the Shadows is the first Quest I've completed. The next, The Palmco Employee Guide to Parallel Programming with Reducers, is almost ready to be released, and I'd really appreciate it if you helped me complete it!

If you'd like to support my efforts to create free, high-quality Clojure guides, then please consider buying the PDF, mobi, and epub ebooks:

When you buy an ebook, I get money! I happen to think money's ok!

I'd love your feedback!

I'm releasing the book because I think it has enough content to be useful, but I don't consider it finished yet. I need your feedback so I can find and correct anything that's confusing or incomplete. If you've found any mistakes or have any questions, then please email me!