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On-Site Clojure Training
with Daniel Higginbotham

Give Your Team Knowledge and Power

Considering Clojure in your organization? My fun, fast-paced course will have your team thinking in parentheses in no time! Drawing on the latest education research to ensure long-term retention, my Beginner Clojure Training course will help your team:

Conquer the basics

Learn how to create, build, and run projects. Get comfortable with Lisp's unfamiliar syntax, and learn how to get work done.

Learn the mindset

Become familiar with functional programming: what it is, why it's useful, and how to replace imperative problem-solving techniques with functional ones. Those coming from an object-oriented or imperative background will appreciate the time we take to explain these new concepts.

Functional programming is probably the most unfamiliar and challenging aspect of Clojure; by the end of the course, your team will feel at ease doing routine computing tasks without mutable variables or side effects.

Harness the power of Java

Clojure lets you seamlessly use any Java library - from building GUI applications to performing machine learning, if Java can do it Clojure can do it. Your team will learn how to use this powerful feature.

Email to secure your on-site training course!

Teaching Methodology

Training is structured to keep your team engaged, ensure high retention, and leave your students confident and prepared to create real applications. Training sessions alternate between lectures/demonstrations and hands-on work for the students. The emphasis is on hands-on work, where students spend time both solving exercises and creating real applications.

The course is also designed to be fun. Students pay more attention and remember things better when they're enjoying themselves. Having done live improv comedy since 2010, and numerous training events, the only thing I love more than getting people to laugh is getting them to laugh while they learn. See my Clojure/West presentation on Parallel Programming to get an idea of my presentation style.

About Me

I'm the author of Clojure for the Brave and True, one of the most popular resources for learning Clojure. But you probably already knew that :)

I've been programming professionally for twelve years. Five of those were at McKinsey and Company, where I helped run AppDev University, an internal effort to train junior programmers. There, I also ran study and code review groups to help everyone improve as programmers.

Helping programmers improve is something I absolutely love!

Course Outline

Your team will learn all this awesome stuff:

  • Building, running, and the REPL
  • Using a Clojure editor
  • A Clojure Crash Course - syntax, semantics, and data types
  • Core functions in depth
  • Functional programming
  • Project Organization
  • The Clojure evaluation model
  • Writing and debugging macros
  • Interacting with Java
  • Create and extend abstractions with multimethods, protocols, and records
  • Using Leiningen

I'm flexible on what gets covered in the course; if you'd like your team to learn web development, for example, we can work that out!

If you have any questions or would like to secure your training session, please email me at

Daniel's workshop takes you on a journey into the elegant and powerful world of Clojure.

You will walk away with a sound understanding of the language, how to apply it, and where to go on your path to becoming an expert Clojurist.

Daniel begins with the basics of the Clojure language and builds up to some of the most advanced features and concepts which allow you to unlock the power of the pure functions and immutable data structures that it provides.

Much like it is often said about learning Clojure (and Lisp in general), this training will make you a better programmer.

— Thomas Jeans
Senior Software Engineer at Capital One

This training was awesome. I came in with some experience with Clojure already under my belt, and this class really helped me understand the subjects I was struggling with.

— Logan Herr
Software Engineer at Capital One